On the Issues

Kimberly Fobbs for Oklahoma Insurance Commissioner is committed to improving the quality of life for all Oklahomans.

Putting Oklahoma Families First

Kimberly believes that the needs of Oklahoma’s families and communities must be prioritized over the interests of the insurance industry. Focused on consumer protection and advocacy, Kimberly will fight to ensure that policies that affect you, your health, and your wallet, like home, car, and health insurance to name a few, will be fair and accessible to everyone.

As a small business owner, Kimberly knows firsthand the challenge of having good healthcare and protecting our hard earned dollars. As Oklahoma’s next Insurance Commissioner, she stands on the promise to make sure insurance companies follow the rules and get people the coverage they need.

Fighting for You

For years the insurance industry has driven the conversation in Oklahoma, increasing rates and making the entire process of lodging complaints and, even understanding your policies, way too complicated and confusing.

Did you know that the insurance industry commonly uses credit scores to deny coverage to those who need it most?  This practice leads to more uninsured people and raises the rates of those with coverage. This is a lose-lose for everyone.

Spending more time fighting for your interests, as Oklahoma’s next Insurance Commissioner, Kimberly will protect legislation against lobbyist agendas, fighting for transparency, and accountability.  Kimberly will work to simplify the language of basic policies, and make sure families, businesses, farmers and ranchers can get and afford coverage.

Stopping Fraud and Abuse

Insurance is big business in Oklahoma—which means big opportunities to game the system and take advantage of the most vulnerable.

As Oklahoma’s next Insurance Commissioner, Kimberly promises to protect consumers and make sure that companies, agents and brokers follow the rules; even taking  action to investigate, root out, and punish fraud or abuse of any kind.