Press Release - Kimberly Fobbs Announcement of Candidacy April 12, 2018

Press Release - Kimberly Fobbs Announcement of Candidacy April 12, 2018

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Kimberly Fobbs Chair of the Tulsa County Democratic Party, Announces Candidacy for Oklahoma State Insurance Commissioner. 

Tulsa, Oklahoma (April 12, 2018) –The Tulsa County Democratic Party’s top official, Kimberly Fobbs, announced today that she will be running for Oklahoma State Insurance Commissioner in the upcoming election. No stranger to Tulsa County politics, this is the first statewide election for Ms. Fobbs.

“I am running for Oklahoma State Insurance Commissioner because I have a unique blend of public service and corporate experience in the insurance industry with which to best serve our state,” Fobbs said. “Most citizens are unaware of the importance of the State Insurance Commissioner’s office. In addition to protecting against unfair insurance practices, which typically affect working class Oklahomans and our marginalized communities, this office deals with other important consumer protection issues like access, regulation, and fraud. A change is needed. I believe that accountability, consumer protection and fairness are at stake, that’s why I chose to run.”

Fobbs’ experience spans a wide range of industries, most notably MetLife, a leading provider in the insurance and financial services industry, where she has served in management and leadership roles. Her leadership in the Consumer Relations and Investigations area, ensured coverage equality and an avenue of remedy when policyholders were harmed. As a public servant, Fobbs has served on the Oklahoma Judicial Nominating Commission, is an advisor to SmartGrowth Tulsa, and continues to re-energize the Democratic base as the current chair of the Tulsa County Democratic Party.

Kimberly Fobbs is the proud mother of two adult children, a small business owner, passionate volunteer, and community servant. She teaches women’s empowerment and business seminars, and also advocates for judicial independence for Oklahoma Courts.

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Insurance Commissioner

Kimberly has the experience and dedication to serve. Oklahomans deserve a new voice to focus on consumer protections and fairness.